The Union is an alliance of kingdoms on the continent of Aerothos, most of which descended from the Halryians. The alliance was formed by Androcles Valtarian in 132 2A after the defeat of Kasdeyor. Every king of the Union has a seat upon the Union Council, and if unable to meet at the annual gathering, may send a lord of reputable status to represent them and their interests. The Union sees itself as the peace-maker of the land by means that its military strength would deter others from waging war against them. At the time of The Fallen Banner, the Union consists of five kingdoms: the Kingdom of Arathen, the Kingdom of Valtia, the Kingdom of Ulranar, the Kingdom of Sorndir, and the Kingdom of Rhodrien.

Kingdoms of the Union


The Union was formed in 132 2A by Androcles Valtarian following the death of his father, Kleitos, in the Battle of Arcadia and the fall of Kasdeyor. After Kasdeyor's execution, Androcles claimed to have been visited by Halros and commanded to create the alliance as a means of securing the Halryian faith. Androcles gave the most recently acquired territories of southern Armacia to his friend and war-hero, Anarian Constian, who formed the Kingdom of Arathen. He then gave independence to Lancion Andor, who formed the Kingdom of Ulranar. It was agreed upon that by splitting the Kingdom of Valtia, they would enter into a permanent alliance to safeguard the lands which they had acquired for the Halryians and that their new-found alliance would jointly govern the land of Arcadia.

After the Arathenian Civil War, the Kingdom of Sorndir was created and brought into the Union. Less than a century later, after the Second Rovaskian War, the Kingdom of Rhodrien joined the Union, notably as the first kingdom to lack descent from the Halryians.