Otto Langin is the lord of Highcliff. His son is Sir Erik Langin.

Appearance and Character

Otto is a man of small stature, shorter than most and lacking in strength. He has balding hair, a crooked nose, and a stern gaze.

Otto typically wears lavish robes and fine jewels to show off his wealth.


Otto Langin is the son of Lord Henry Langin. He grew up in Highcliff as an only child. Otto was arranged to marry Princess Annette Marcher, due to the friendship between Lord Henry and King Tristran. But this plan ultimately failed when Annette eloped with her lover, Sir Ronan Fairfield, and disappeared from the kingdom. Otto married a common woman, Edith, for there were no other suitable matches, and together they had one son, Erik.

Otto marched under the banner of King Arn Marcher during the Third Galerian War, and fought during the Battle of the Ditch.