Orson Kardoroth is the lord of Karnanth and a part of the Hand of the Emperor. He is a commander and tactician of great renown throughout Aerothos and a veteran of the Silian War. Orson is married to Mya Laris and has a daughter, Kaitelyn. His son, Roran, passed away during infancy from a fever. He is the acting Commander of the Imperial Armies, making him the highest Imperial authority on the field of battle. Orson is a character of significant importance in The Chronicles of Aerothos.

Appearance and Character

Orson is middle-aged and has brown hair, with a kept beard that has streaks of grey. He has a square jaw and dull blue eyes.

Orson is respected by both friend and foe for his honor.

Quotes about Orson

"He enjoys the company of those with strong minds, and especially those who know their history.” - Seth Arden to Enrick Cainos

"... Of all of the Imperial dogs, he is the only one with honor. A good man, he is.” - Axel Halfell to Ulrich Brandt