Darian Cainos is the lord of Rionis, a member of the Hand of the Emperor, and the adviser of Emperor Uriad Terathan. He is married to Taylia Highcrest, a woman of noble birth within Orastus. Together they have three children, Enrick, Katheryne, and Tasha. Darian is the most trusted friend of the Emperor and holds major political sway in the Arcadian Empire. Darian is a character of importance in The Chronicles of Aerothos.

Appearance and Character

Darian has a gaunt and hollowed face and his hairline has receded with age. Though not a man of great physical stature, he is imposing due to his critical and harsh demeanor. He often speaks with a monotonous voice.

Darian is known by many to be highly intelligent, well-versed in many different scholarly topics, and a brilliant strategist.

Quotes by Darian

“Your duty is to the Emperor. No one else.” - Darian to Enrick, prior to the Imperial army departing from Karnanth