Dagon Blacktower is an Imperial knight and the Knight of Blacktower. He is a warrior favored by Emperor Uriad Terathan.

Appearance and Character

Dagon is described as "monstrous", towering over other men. He has colorless eyes and Orastan black hair.

While known to be merciless, Dagon strictly follows the orders that he is given. Dagon fights with a greatsword and handles it with relative ease due to his size.

Knight of Blacktower

Sir Dagon owns his ancestral fief, Blacktower. Though he has little control of the surrounding land, Dagon has full command of his keep and the knights and soldiers garrisoned at it. His position is more akin to a Baron, though he retains the title of Knight of Blacktower, an honorable title formed centuries ago, since baronies are not a part of the Imperial delegation system.