Map of Aerothos

Aerothos is the titular continent for which The Chronicles of Aerothos takes its name and is the focused upon location throughout the works of Robert F. Nugent. Aerothos is the second largest continent in the known world, overshadowed only by Eurycia, the dominant continent to the east.

States of Aerothos


Aerothos is home to various regions, which have changed name and political ownership throughout the history of the land. The regions of Aerothos and their physical qualities have greatly shaped the people that inhabit them, often influencing culture, religion, domestic production, and military structure.

Across the East Sea is the Silian Isles, and further east lies the continent of Eurycia, home to constantly-warring states who rarely involve themselves in the affairs of Aerothos. The West Sea is largely unexplored, but for an island known as Tanbria, which is only regularly visited by the Rovaskians. The Halryian Sea is named for the island of Halryia, which once resided in the middle of the sea, but mysteriously vanished beneath the water after the event known as the Exiling of Halyria at the end of the Halryian First Age.

Aerothos is heavily populated, though most notably, the Kingdom of Ulranar has the lowest population in relation to its size compared to any other state within the continent. The most populated cities of Aerothos are: Arathen City, Asdanria, Theos, Elerius, Sorenhal, Tarys, Arcadia, and Orastus.